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Based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Oracle Vision Networks Ltd is a data networking company that specialises in industrial wireless connectivity producing solutions for customers across the UK.

Through the application of innovative wireless network products, Oracle Vision Networks Ltd can simplify, cut costs, improve performance and reliability on virtually every network.

Our customers tell us that our biggest success is our attention to detail and our total dedication to great customer service. We know this because we keep a constant flow of communication between us and our customers. Clear channels of communication allow our customers to tell us when things are good or if they need to change. Keeping people up to date with general day-to-day issues such as installation progress, repairs and service calls is what people want and we are more than happy to provide it.

Whatever Oracle Vision Network service you choose, we promise to make the whole experience as effortless as possible.

The Cedars, the home of Oracle Vision Networks

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Oracle Vision Networks Ltd, The Cedars, Barnsley Road, Hemsworth, West Yorkshire, WF9 4PU Tel: 0870 758 7676 Fax: 0870 758 7944

Email: info@oracle-vision-networks.com