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Oracle Vision Networks are one of UK’s leading advisers for wireless network planning, design, installation, technical training, support, diagnosis and troubleshooting. Applying sound data network advice requires a broad range of skills to come together in one service. It’s not just about applying technology and helping you spend money, it’s about looking at ways to create a solution that takes care of your data networking needs now and in the future. By looking at every level of network usage allows us to see what is needed to achieve your goal, apply an overall strategy and include things such as wireless connectivity, redundancy, network speed, budget and your plans for expansion. The decision to use which technology will be a very considered one and created through ‘smart thinking’ and not irrational spending.

We are very clear about what is expected from us as an advisor; we are wireless specialists that give expert advice to allow our customer to make decisions with confidence. This includes everything from creating a comprehensive wireless network strategy to specifying a complex interconnected cabled system. And that’s what makes Oracle Vision different, the ability to apply known successful wireless network strategies and cabled data management principles all in one go.

We take our role very seriously and through what seems like endless training we have been able to help major organisations from airports to housing associations save money and improve their networks.


It’s obvious to us that every customer is different so we tailor our approach to suit each individual project. Listed below are some of the processes we use and services we provide which allow us to successfully deliver a project:

System Healthcheck

Detailed network analysis and testing for existing infrastructure

Product integration

Network design

Proof of concept testing

Initial Consultation

Wireless network Planning and Design

Wireless Site Survey - both Desktop and On-site RF Survey

Wireless network Installation and Commissioning

Post-Installation Site Survey

Wireless Network Audit

Wireless Security Audit

In-depth Wireless Network Troubleshooting

Whether it's a new wireless system, one you're had for a while or an idea in the making, our Healthcheck system maximiser will allow you to get the full potential from your investment and a connection that won't let you down. Lets us build confidence into your network. Read more...

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