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Housing Associations and Local Authorities

Registered Social Landlords (RSL’s) and Local Authorities are by their nature geographically far reaching, organisationally wide spread and major users of mission critical network applications. Solid, reliable wireless networks with high throughput to the furthest places are what our customers in this demanding sector must have. The Oracle Vision Networks team have focused closely on a few key markets to make sure our services neatly match their needs, and this is one of them. With super fast response times, flexible design services and an eye always on the budget,  have made us particularly successful in delivering solutions that have far exceeded our customers expectation.

Housing Associations and Local Authorities are really well placed to take full advantage of wireless technologies owing to their access to high view points such as high rise flats and tower blocks. These offer fantastic opportunities to link them all to together forming a wireless network with huge bandwidths reaching several hundred Mbps, connections to sites tens of miles away and all done without any expensive leased lines to pay for.  On the contrary, some of our more commercially minded customers have leased excess space on their network that now contributes to the overall cost of the initial installation.

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Expectation on today’s education sector is high with management teams running departments more like a high powered businesses rather than places that teach the 3 R’s. The requirement for super fast, networks isn’t more obvious than in these organisations. With the use of multi-workstation media suites, complex electronic security systems and realtime student management software, having a robust network solution is absolutely crucial. However, budgets are tight and with many organisations restructuring, merging and collaborating the need to link sites together with a speed they need at a price that’s right is definitely demanding, but certainly achievable.

Once a customer experiences the benefits of wireless and the speed it can be installed it always creates the same response; ‘why haven’t we done this before’.

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CCTV and Security Installers

Electronic security such as CCTV, Access Control and Door Entry Systems is now is either linked to an IP based network or in the process of being linked.

The prospect of extending a network through wireless connectivity provides a security installer with the opportunity to offer their customer a very powerful solution to realtime data at a very affordable price. This method of sending and receiving data for systems such as CCTV revolutionises how and where Cameras can be installed. Combining a camera with a video server such as the Cleverbox Video Server with the Wilinx3 wireless platform allows a CCTV user and their installer to mount a camera and monitor an event in a matter of hours rather than the historical process of expensive Fibre Optic lines and the long process of planning permission. With Wilinx3 high bandwidth wireless connections means high quality, realtime images from a camera many, many miles away is reality now which was only dreamt of just a few years ago. Centrally controlled systems across cities and campuses are becoming much more common place through wireless networks at a cost far cheaper than ever before with far better results. Wireless is where true HD CCTV systems can remain HD because we give you the speed to send it.

As Oracle Vision Networks introduces The Voodu - ‘Connection Anywhere’ platform to it’s customers, we have already experienced its flexibility and provided innovative solutions to the security marketplace with several local authorities and housing associations switching to Voodu services because of the ease and security of the service.

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