IT’s not magic, IT’s Voodu!

Using wireless networks should mean easier, quicker and convenient and our Voodu - (Connectivity Anywhere) platform is just that. Voodu is a range of GSM/3G/4G powered products giving high speed connectivity on the move using IP technology in real time.

After we’ve established exactly what you want to do with your network connection, we adapt the Voodu platform to communicate with your devices quickly and easily.

The applications for this technology are expanding rapidly at an amazing rate purely because the technology is getting better and better all the time.

Some examples of the uses for this technology:

Deployable CCTV cameras

Alarm monitoring

Access control and concierge systems

Lone worker systems

Internet mobility

Video mobility

Vehicle tracking

Data logging

Remote monitoring

Telematics and control

Public address systems

Lighting control

Automatic meter reading (AMR)

MiFi (WiFi Internet access on the move)

Voodu works together with network services providers to transmit your data from one point to another. Sometimes these providers aren’t able to support good quality 3G connections everywhere so to combat this we are able to assist with 3G nano cell technology. This really is connectivity anywhere.

Voodu airtime

To make sure the process of ‘connectivity anywhere’ is as easy as possible to apply, we have a range of air time packages can to suit your data requirements with a cost structure ranging from low data applications such as alarm receiving to data intensive applications such as video over IP.

Options include:

12/24 month contracts

Dynamic or static IP addressing

Multiple service operators

Data plans from low to high



CSD service

Customer Web portal to billing platform


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