Using IT in schools

Choosing the right ICT support can make all the difference in so many ways for a school, college or University. An adult education facility in West Yorkshire wanted to make sure their plans to create an engaging media centre that will stand the test of time was in good hands so they chose the team at Oracle Vision Networks to help them deliver it. Offering best value and expertise, the OV Network team proved to be perfectly placed to make it happen.

We soon realised that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary media centre. With a clear vision of how this would interact with the whole centre; we set to work with Centre Manager and drew up a plan to create something special. With the usual consideration for the legacy networks, we understood they needed an infrastructure that delivered a super fast network, capable of supporting multimedia applications that included voice, video and data. 

Early on at the Strategic planning stage we were able to match technologies with ideas and key objectives. Too often we see education centres wasting money on impractical fancy gadgets rather than focusing on products that will actually give them the greatest impact for now and in the future.

The project developed into the following brief:

  • *  A centre wide wireless footprint using the latest standards in 802.11n technology whilst supporting the inherent 802.11b/g system.
  • * Flood wiring throughout including the main focus media suite
  • * Gbit copper and fibre network
  • * Managed network infrastructure
  • * Provision of rack system and supporting power
  • * Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)
  • * Integration to existing servers and broadband services
  • * The ability for future expansion without significant cost

Coupled with our ‘proactive maintenance plan’ that’s designed to reduce and identify potential faults and our ‘reactive support’ system, staff to be confident that in an emergency, they can expect their ICT to be back up and working in the shortest amount of time, without a huge expense.

The system has now been in place for some time and our long partnership with the centre has seen ICT become an embedded part of everyday life, developing lessons and extending courses. The confidence of a robust network infrastructure and strong support has made this a real success story.  To get your ideas put into action, give the team a call or send us an email and discuss the best way forward.

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