Using IT in Housing Associations

A large part of Oracle Vision Networks business provides housing associations and local authorities with the necessary data infrastructure to operate without fuss, all day, everyday. So, when a requirement arose requiring a high bandwidth communications network to integrate Door Entry, Concierge, Access Control and a real-time CCTV system across a number of locations in Manchester and Salford, we set to work in our usual way and applied our three part process to ensure a successful system – survey, design and implement our license free wireless infrastructure (Wilinx3) was proposed and chosen for its ‘one-off’ initial purchase free from leasing charges associated to the usual BT or Virgin Media fibre optic options. The scheme was intended to be self-financing with no on-going budgets required.

The requirement involved linking separate, high rise multi-tenant buildings back to a centralised concierge and security department, located in Manchester’s City centre. The challenge involved providing communications in a highly urbanised city with an urban canyon and building clutter to contend with.  In addition to this, the system would need to work in a busy RF environment with third party networks and links operating close by.

The project brief took the following form:

  • * Unlicensed wireless technology stretching over several miles
  • * High throughput infrastructure
  • * Interference free
  • * Full duplex
  • * Low latency
  • * Maximum performance
  • * Mission critical connection planning

The installation was carried out well within schedule and proved to be a huge success providing the control room management with instant command over all services at a click of a button. The system was such a success that the organisation extended its use of the network ultimately running all the data services over the links without any detrimental effect at all. Quite the opposite, even though additional services had been added afterwards the network was stable enough for them to remove network services sourced by other providers saving them many thousands of pounds each year. If you would like to explore the use of wireless to cut your network costs, please feel free to contact us.

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