Doing IT with CCTV installers

CCTV, Access Control and Door Entry Systems fit absolutely perfectly with our wireless networks. It almost feels like they were purposely designed to go together. Invitations to work on large scale security projects with CCTV and Access Control companies even at the early pre-qualification stage, has become an every day occurrence for us.  

So, when we teamed up with a Leeds based security company to secure a major security contract we unsurprisingly got awarded the job. Bringing us in to the process early on allowed us to carry out all the necessary surveys, checks and calculations to ensure the network infrastructure would support this very demanding application. Plus, several of our engineers have an electronic security background too, allowing us to provide support on IP ready security products as well as wireless networks, all based on years of industry experience.

The project requirement was to upgrade an existing 45 camera CCTV system using a combination of static and functional (pan, tilt, zoom) units within an established, wide spread business park. The plan was to migrate all the current analogue products to a fully supported digital (IP) platform including recording and control points. This was to ensure the end user could receive all the benefits a new IP CCTV network system had to offer – remote configuration, high quality pictures, easy system expansion, simple cabling infrastructure, multi-viewing points etc. This was to be backed up with the addition of a new IP based public address system and audio help points position strategically around the site.

With the installation of multiple Wilinx3 network links, the OV Networks team together with the security guys, were able to create a high speed network system that had enough capacity to send real time images to a single point of control with zero latency. The distributed PA system had crystal clear audio announcements around the site and the operators could quickly respond to distress calls generated by the help points. Even the existing cameras using video encoders/IP adapters looked to perform better than before.

When the system was commissioned and put through its paces, it became obvious to the security installer that the success of the project and ultimately their customer’s satisfaction wouldn’t have been possible without the use of wireless network technology and our ability to work so well along side them. Using traditional methods of copper cabling to support this project would have been beyond the customer’s budget. The quick application of the wireless links and the lower than expected cost of the wireless equipment is what made the project viable.

So much so, the end user placed further orders with our security company partner to extend the reach of the project within weeks of completing the original specification.

Like all the other security companies that add our wireless networks to their portfolio, once they have experienced the flexibility of this technology with its competitive price position, it allows them to explore new business opportunities, where we help them secure sales and satisfy customers. If you would like to look at ways to work with us, please feel free to contact us on:

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