IT’s very straight forward, IT just works...

To make things as easy a possible and provide you with a network solution that’s robust and long lasting, we’ve introduced a range of smart gadgets to compliment technologies and services running on our networks - a range we call Cleverbox.

Our aim is to give you the added confidence that your project will roll out smoothly, with optimum performance and stability. We also provide training and support to make sure you are in the position to take full advantage of the system.

Cleverbox Network Time Servers are a reliable, accurate and secure way to synchronize time critical products.

Precise time stamping is often overlooked even in time critical operations such as CCTV control rooms and call centres. Surprisingly this is often an important feature which is neglected right from the outset even though an incorrect clock can render important evidence as invalid!

In the case of CCTV applications, it is unacceptable for system clocks on Digital Video Recorders to be set manually as this fails to be legally traceable time. To combat this the Cleverbox network time server is synchronised with UTC (universal time coordinated) derived from an atomic time source and is accurate to millisecond making video storage servers and network devices accurate and legally traceable.

Features include:

Legally traceable time synchronised to UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) which is derived   from International Atomic Time

Precise to milliseconds from world standard

Can be used with wall clocks which are NTP and SNTP compatible

Suitable for everyday applications like Time and attendance and Access control systems

Computers and servers time can be synchronised to this master master clock

The Cleverbox Network Video Servers produces DVD like quality MPEG-4 video, at up to 30 images per second, over IP networks. Simply connect the server to an IP network (such as a LAN, intranet or Internet) and view live images from any local or remote, networked computer.

Cleverbox Network Video Servers can be used to locally or remotely monitor and protect people, places, and assets in a very effective and budget conscious way. Whether you are monitoring and securing sites with the help of alarm information, providing remote support with video or broadcast live images on Web sites for promotion purposes, these images can be viewed with a standard web browser or via bespoke viewing software.

For ease of install the units support Power-over-Ethernet and can be power-fed via the network cable. The Cleverbox Network Video Servers is are compact, so it is perfect for any application that depends on space-saving solutions.

These powerful devices represent the cutting edge in high performance Video streaming over IP today. Features include:

Single or multi-channel models

Decoder varient

High-quality MPEG-4

30 images per second

Dual Streaming

Most people carry the their mobile phone, keys, wallet or purse around with them all the time and to gain access to premises we would generally issue a key, this could be a traditional cut key or an electronic key such as an RF tag or card.  This is can be all rather costly and also takes time to set up.  Why not consider Cleverbox Smart Lock? This can work along side existing access control systems and offer a cost saving option to multiple users especially in large organisations such as housing associations and local authorities.  Instead of adding more keys and expense to a system how about using your phone to open a door?

How can this be done? The Cleverbox Smart Lock uses a standard mobile phone to open a door. Only an approved user will be able to open a lock.

Key Features

Works in conjunction with electrically operated locks.

Remote access is controlled by mobile phone

Opens only when controlled by approved users phone.

Up to 100 users can be added to a white list.

Users can be removed from white list.

Local interlock used to prevent door opening if accidentally dialed by an approved user.

Unlock process at no cost to user.

Works with any mobile phone.

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